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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Haniff and his UPSR results

I masukkan post yang penting dulu la yea..banyak sangat kerja..this blog sampai dah bersawang gila..

The UPSR results were already out last Thu @ 18 November 2009. I have to admit that I had sleepless nite 2 days in a row before that. I was dead worried for my darling Haniff.

Haniff is a very relax guy and he is so calm..very much like his Walit.. dulu kalau nak exam I will be nagging and blabbling my mouth and he is still very relax..

I still remember he said, ' Relax la Umi.. kan tadi dah bagi sejam"
Umi kata , " sejam aje baca buku..sehari ada 24 jam, tidur 6 jam, p sekolah 8 jam and that is baru 14 jam, baca buku sejam and what do you do with the balance??

Haniff jawab :- Main game la..ish Umi ni..

Umi : - 'HAH??!!!...HANIFFF!!!!!!''''

Haniff response - "ok la..adik baca lagi setengah jam k. Jangan bising-bising tau..'

Umi :- 'ikut la adik'

That was before the exam.. that worries me so much as Haniff jenis yang very him what is important is his TV and computer game.

On the day of the result, Haniff look very queit. When I asked him why, he admit that he is no use la sayang, I told him..kita dah usaha and kita terima je..I'm with you all the way k..( I was actually trying to pujuk myself.. he he)

That morning, I drag my feet to the office and lamanya rasa pagi tu..ish 9.30 Haniff tak talipon pun, I called him and ask ..he said ' Sabag la Umi..tak dapat lagi....ish"

At 10.15 he called..the minute I saw his name on the hp, I dah panik..

Haniff - 'Umi, adik dapat 5A!" Dengar je benda tu, I just cried!!

Huyoo..lega gila siut..habis satu penantian..I am a very happy Mum..I know he will do well tapi since mamat sorang ni jenis yang very lepak, I pun naik gabra..

After our conversataion, I went to search for my hubby. He was having a session with his students.. I just ketuk the door and show a thumb up sign and my darling hubby smiled with joy..

Nanti sambung k..