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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brainstorming getaway in Regency Jerai..

When I 1st got the email instructing all Heads of Programme and Units to attend a brainstorming session, I was a bit skeptical as it means that both me and Syed would need to go together..anak-anak macam mana?

Syed cooly said, tak pa, nanti malam kita bincang lain..I'm kind of tight up right now and I cannot think straight..Ish mamat I waited..

Malam after sending off the kids to their ngaji classes, we sat over coffee and he just said, tak pa..kita pergi je.anyway tempat tu dekat je..I'll call Umi to is she can temankan anak2 while we are away..

I was a bit worried as this would be the 1st time that the kids would be left behind without neither one of us at home..

Syed kata.."Relax it would only be for 2 nights and we can spend the time together"

Yehaaa!!! 2nd honeymoon babe!!

So we went....tempat is awesome and bukan macam 5 years back k..cantik pun tak la sejuk sangat..ok ok je and it was nice.

Sat I upload pics..till then..chao

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

One week hols...where to??

This the schools hols again..tapi tak kemana kot..just jalan dekat-dekat je..The kids are spending their free hours at home playing PS, buat homework and FBooking..

Result SPM dah keluar.. what to do next?

Congrats to all yang dapat keputusn SPM tadi..I'm sure the results were outcome from your work either it is good or not, ok ke tidak atau just biasa2 je..

The past is the past but what to do next??

I'm sure segala jenis borang dah isi..UPU would be the top of the list tapi what to apply??
Something specialize or just yg biasa2?? Nak ambik kursus yang popular and senang pass ( ada ke?) or ambik yang susah sikit and tak berapa orang ramai ambik??

Camne ek?