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Saturday, July 24, 2010

What happen in July 2010..

Sedar atau tidak, we are already in the month of week dah time flies..

I'll just update mengikut apa yg I rasa penting..
1. Kids are settling in school well. Syukur..tapi hphone kena taril for a week. They just need to prove that their grades are ok and then handphone akan on macam biasa.

2. IID Kedah 2010. Well..this is a competition held by PJI Kedah..I am the Project Manager..tak ada yg glam nya..cuma kerja banyak, but hey, that is part of work. kalau asyil ngajar ke, tak best la this IID Kedah kind of some other things which I handle beside the normal daily classes..

3. Oh lupa nak cerita pasal classes..things are as usual..dah masuk minggu ke -3 tapi ada gak yg tak datang kelas lagi..well, I hoe they can catch up with the speed as I'm not slowing down just for them. Sorry dude!

4. Planning some hols with kids and hubby. Kalau jadi, I will update it here k


IID KEDAH 2010 is a competition which is just around the corner..Ya ALLAH..permudahkan lah semua urusan pertandingan ini..AMIN

Jangan la ada hiccup yg besar2..minta-minta la semuanya berjalan lancar..This competition is making me nervousm but I am dead lucky as I have a strong team with me..

Monday, July 5, 2010

My kids activities..Rugby and Mandarin Poem reading..

Budak2 ni kalau sibuk, memang kita yg parents pun akan sibuk sama gak..

Last weekend, my boys had their rugby competition in Penang..It was a premier league under 18 where both boys were in. Haniff was there just for exposure..he is now only 13 and memang kami dah pesan, jangan main as the others tu memang budak-budak Form 4 and 5. Dari segi energy memang kalau dia main, sungguh tak logik..

So on Friday afternoon, after Friday prayers both boys left for Penang with their other group members and there tinggal la kami 3 beranak di rumah.
On Saturday morning, all three of us hop into the car, menuju ke Sekolah Sains Penang..(punya la susah cari sekolah ni..dalam taman2 lama), masa sampai sana the boys tengah main..dapat la tengok kejap..after the game, the boys balik to their hostel and we all pun balik la..otw, kami singgah makan di kedai nasi kandar in Permatang Pauh..then kami balik as we received a call that my cousin bro ada depan rumah..he he..

Abg Li datang hantar madu yg Syed kirim..

Malam, kami ke Majlis Makan Malam Sekolah Aja pulak. Dia baca sajak Mandarin..betul or salah I tak tau as I tak faham Mandarin pun..She look cute up there.

On Sunday pagi, Aja ada hari Penyampaian Hadiah..she got certificates and books plus recognition for her good grades..good job darling..She also recite the same poem on the occasion.

After that I rushed to the office and left office only at 5.30pm..

Sampai rumah tak sampai setengah jam, the boys sms kata dah nak sampai..

He he..sekejap je habis weekend..esok kelas bermula...ouch

Saturday, July 3, 2010

The semester is here and it's CB and OB for me..

I just love sharing my knowledge and experience thru OB..what is OB? It is Organizational Behavior and dalam subject tu ada pasal how people act in an organization..then it will relate to people who manage and also who are doing the task..

As for is Consumer is about the behavior of people who consume a product and how should the product owner do and behave to win the heart of the consumer.

Susah ke senang?
Both papers are reading subject..benda2 reading ni you need to have the love and interest point memorizing..and to excel in this paper, students need to have reference book plus need to do reading before and after class..Paper OB not so bad tapi paper CB, the scope is bigger and students need to read before coming to paper la pun..what do you expect?

Should students expect spoon feeding, setakat nak pass tu boleh la tapi kalau nak score, ada sikit susah.

So students, let's sail thru sem Julai -Nov 2010 smoothly.

See you in class ya..don't be late, put some colors on your face pls and do potray yourself as a student. Hippy clothes are not allowed.

Community project in Kg Bujang, Merbok, Kedah...Jan 2010

Eversince I assisted PM Dr Maznah with some work in the office, both of us have the same passion to help the needy around the office area. I'm kind of lucky as Syed pun jenis suka buat community work.

Kalau niat tu betul, insya ALLAH, Allah that is how we met Hj Ramli or famously known as Pak Su to the community in the area.

Pak Su have gone the extra mile to ensure that the community in his village would have a good life. With that in mind, he has transform his land n house to tuition centres for the village kids..Pak Su buat bagi free tuition k..kita kang kalau nak buat tuition semua nak immediate return..

Mula2 pergi memang terpegun..gigih sungguh orang tua ni..Both me n Syed have been popping to his house now and then with our kids tagging along. Bukan apa biar anak2 ni dapat tengok that ada orang lagi susah dari kita..

Nak membantu dari segi kewangan, mungkin tak banyak yg boleh diberikan so, me, Syed and Dr Maznah with a few other friends from the univeristy do make visits and do consultations as and when we can.... 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Raging in varsities?? Hmmmm

Well, I remember those days where we were in uni, ragging was kind of a way for seniors get to know us..yg ladies was ok la.tapi the gentlemen I was not sure how it was..
Tapi what happen in RMC recently where one boy was pronouced dead due to ragging is a bit too much..but who is to blame?
1. Culture?
2. Tradition?
3. School management?
4. Lack of pegangan agama?

Siapa ye??

What happen in June 2010..

June was indeed a very busy month..both me and Syed macam main rally lak kat North South Highway..up and down to Shah Alam..tapi frankly, it was worth it.

1st week of June - I was away on Shah Alam to attend 2 day course.Then Syed and kids joined me in KL pasal ada weeding to attend..
2md week of June - Syed ada one day conference in Shah we waited from the wedding till the conference date..
3rd week of June - I had to attend a 5 day course lak..Syed and kids was in Sungai Petani tapi luckily my Mum dan Dad made some so called surprise visit..konon nak buat surprise la ..tapi end up they were the ones yg surprise as I had to attend the one week course in Shah Alam. The kids sure had a  great time with Mum and Dad as nak apa pun dapat..The week end up with a wedding reception in Seberang Jaya, Penang.Mum and Dad left KL on 20th June ..sob sob.
4th week of June - Syed had to attend 4 day meeting in Shah Alam. I tinggal rumah ngan anak2..nasi baik kelas tak mula lagi, so tak la sibuk sangat..

Tak ke schedule atas macam mengukur jalan je tu??

He he..Glad that July is now here..Class begins which means that no more outside meeting and training..Syukur..