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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Oopss Ooopss..lupa lak..

For UiTM diploma musim exam

Good Luck u hard so that boleh dapat good grades..


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ramainya yang nak kenduri kahwin..Congrats u all!!

Talking about wedding, yang selalu orang akan tengok is basically the food, the dias @pelamin, mak pengantin and definitely the pengantin!!
I still remember on my wedding day, 3 months before that dah siap diet and do the needful to ensure that I look good for my husband as well as for the guest!

So, for those yang nak kenduri tak lama lagi, u really need to plan for your big day and I am sure you want to look ur best for that day. Meh I share with you some wedding gown which caught my eyes :

The above looks sweet kan?

yang 2nd one ni nampak bersopan and lembut je

I just love the collection above!
Yang  bawah ni pun..( I think I nak proposed to my niece yang nak kenduri to pakai yang ni la..hmmm)

Worry not, kalau u are a bit on the cubby side and intend to shed some kilo's u can always put on Premium Beautiful Corset dulu so that nanti on ur wedding day you nampak cun gilos!
Anyone interested to kurus or kecikkan badan, leave a message yea..
Premium Beautiful Corset

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Note : eh, kalau u are one of the makcik pengantin, u also need to look good tau. meh la, I give u some good discounts. Muahs

Monday, March 12, 2012

Want to get rid of these??

This blog is gonna be a blog where I share about my family, business as well as my health!!

So, kali ni, I'm gonna share about the cellulite yg dook melekat kat our body. At times we always saya and talk to our head to accept the cellulite and the extras.. Are we being sincere?

The naughthy extras..

The thigh area..

The tummy area..

Not me yea..I tak suka and the above photos are not my body ( ahaks), jom, kita get rid of it.
One of the ways is by using Premium Beautiful corset.


It's because Premium Beautiful ada FIR and this FIR helps to stimulates enzyme activity and metabolism. FIR heat aids in breaking down cellulite - trapped water, fat and waste. 

I do give free consultation as well as free fitting for those interested. 
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Muahs to all