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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

16th Anniversary - 21 August 2009

Last Friday, me an hubby celebrated our 16th Anniversary. ye yea.. We went shopping and a quick snack out just the two of us.. Nak naik motor tak boleh as the weather looks kind of cloudy so we opt for the car.

I am very lucky and blessed as I share my life with such a caring and understanding man. Syed Mohammed Alhady is a very simple and straight forward man. No fussy and always looks at things positively.

I have to admint that at times we do have our differences in certain issue but hey.. that is normal la.. Not everybody is the same.. all of us are unique in our onw way. The most important thing is both of us understand each other and supports each other, may it be about work, family or other any issue pertaining both of us.

I still remember the days where we both met. Ramai yang tak percaya and tergelak bila I kata I met hy hubby in the bus while going to work years ago in KL. Rumah sewa dia is acroos the highway where my mum's house is. That was in October 1992 when I baru transfer from Pahang and Syed baru transfer from Seremban to KL.

One lead to the other, after jumpa atas bus, then jumpa di pasar malam and so happen his ex office mate masa tu baru join BBMB where I work. We started to meet up and on 3rd Jan 1993 he came to meet up with Mum and Dad. Syukur alhamdullilah we got engaged on 30 January 1993 and on 21st August 1993 we got married.

Now we have 3 energetic and active kids who are in their schooling years. Two handosme gentleman and a princess. Good combination I have to admit.

To Syed Mohammed Alhady - Thanks for everything, your support, encouragement and love and I selalu doakan kita berdua sihat untuk tempuh hari-hari tua vogue bersama..

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Dr Fadillah Kamsah says..

I received this in my email and I want to share what Dr Fadilah Kamsah says...

Ketika kamu melihat seseorang... ..Ingatlah itu sebagai pertemuan suci.... Ketika kamu melihat orang itu...Kamu melihat dirimu sendiri... Ketika kamu menganggapinya. .Kamu menganggaplah dirimu sendiri..... ..

Let us share what Datuk Dr. Fadilah Kamsah used to say: "Ada orang datang ke pejabat dengan perasaan penuh gembira & ceria , ada datang dengan perasaan "biasa" dan ada datang dengan perasaan serba tak kena "

Ingat lah, sesiapa yang datang hanya dengan perasaan "biasa" saja, hasilnya adalah "biasa" saja, sesiapa yang datang dengan ceria, hasilnya akan jadi lebih daripada biasa ataupun luar biasa.

Bekerja la dengan ceria agar menghasilkan produktiviti yang luar biasa yang akan menggembirakan orang di sekeliling kita. Semoga hasil itu akan mendapat keberkatan insyallah... .

" Jadi renungkan lah....

1. Ada antara kita datang ke pejabat hanya memenuhi tanggungjawab 'DATANG BEKERJA' tapi hampa, hasilnya macam kita ' TAK DATANG' kerja
2. Ada kala kita rasa kita BUSY giler, rupanya kita hanya 'KELAM KABUT' .
3. Adakala kita rasa kita PERIHATIN , tapi rupanya kita BUSY BODY.
4. Adakala kita rasa kita OPENMINDED and OUTSPOKEN tapi rupanya kita KURANG PENGAJAR'AN.
5. Adakala kita rasa kita berpemikiran KRITIS , rupanya kita hanya lebih kepada KRITIK yang mencipta KRISIS .
6. Adakala kita rasa kita ingin menjadi LEBIH MESRA tapi rupanya kita di lihat lebih MENGADA-NGADA .
7. Adakala kita suka bertanya 'KENAPA DIA NI MCM TAKDE KEJE', adalah lebih baik kita tanya 'APA LAGI KEJE YANG AKU BOLEH BUAT ?'
8. Adakala kita rasa kita ni pekerja yang SEMPURNA,BAIK DAN BERDEDIKASI tapi cuba tengok dalam-dalam, selagi hati kita berdengki, jatuhkan reputasi sesama rakan sekerja (report kat bos kawan kita tak bagus dari kita) dan tak amanah (mencuri dan tak siapkan kerja),kita sebenarnya patut terima hakikat betapa kita lebih teruk dari dari anggapan kita itu sendiri.

Pejam mata dan renung lah diri, kalau kita perlu melakukan ANJAKAN PARADIGMA , maka lakukanlah segera...tapi manusia tetap manusia... sukar untuk berubah kerana kita selalu beranggapan kita lebih baik... adakah dengan merasakan itu kita sememangnya terbaik?

Maka untuk itu , mari kita mula senyum, ceria, mesra sesama kita dan tingkat kerjasama dalam kerja, tak rugi kita semai rasa 'kekeluargaan' dalam tugasan .. kalau kita kurang kerja, cari la kerja membantu teman-teman yang lain.

Tak dapat gaji lebih pun tak apa sebab pahala dapat.. kita withdraw kat akhirat nanti... tapi kalau kita asyik dengki mendengki.. nasib la sebab sudah ditentukan jalan yang sukar itu yang kita pilih..

~ Renungi lah, berapa ramai kawan kita dan berapa ramai lawan kita, nescaya itulah kayu pengukur diri yang sebaiknya "Mengkritik tidak bererti menentang, Menyetujui tidak semestinya menyokong, Menegur tidak bermakna membenci, dan berbeza pendapat adalah kawan berfikir yang baik."

So.. what say you??? ready to take the challenge and change?? Think about it ...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just a note..

Take one small step at a time..

Enjoy every moment of life..

Enjoy every second you have with your kids and love ones..

Jangan kalut..nanti sampai gak..!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Expectancy Theory - OB

Expectancy theory
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Expectancy theory is about the mental processes regarding choice, or choosing. It explains the processes that an individual undergoes to make choices. In organizational behavior study, expectancy theory is a motivation theory first proposed by Victor Vroom of the Yale School of Management.

Expectancy theory predicts that employees in an organization will be motivated when they believe that:
-putting in more effort will yield better job performance
-better job performance will lead to organizational rewards, such as an increase in salary or benefits
-these predicted organizational rewards are valued by the employee in question.

"This theory emphasizes the need for organizations to relate rewards directly to performance and to ensure that the rewards provided are those rewards deserved and wanted by the recipients."

- Emphasizes self interest in the alignment of rewards with employee's wants. - Emphasizes the connections among expected behaviors, rewards and organizational goals

Vroom's theory assumes that behavior results from conscious choices among alternatives whose purpose it is to maximize pleasure and to minimize pain. Together with Edward Lawler and Lyman Porter, Vroom suggested that the relationship between people's behavior at work and their goals was not as simple as was first imagined by other scientists.

Vroom realized that an employee's performance is based on individual factors such as personality, skills, knowledge, experience and abilities.

Sehati Berdansa- version cucu Tok Daddy

This video always make me smile....Ini masa tengah gila session Sehati Berdansa musim ke -2 kot and this was at Mummy's place in Gombak.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A challenging week...9th till 16th August 2009

6th August 2009 (Sunday) - ada meeting at 8.30am and I was in campus as early as 7.45am.. attended the meeting and then at about 9.30am dah jalan nak masuk bilik. At 10.00am, maid telephone to inform that Aja ada temperature. I rushed home and took her to the cl9inic.

7th August 2009 ( Monday). temperature tak turun...hubby and I took Aja to Metro jumpa specialist terus. We were advised to have Aja admitted and that's what we did. That was about 11am..I was left in the hospital with Aja as Syed had to go to work. I memang ambik emergency leave..
At about 3.30pm, my 4 corporate leaders came to visit my girl, Faezah, Afiqa, Farza and Zahiri came. Thanks ye.. than Zihan and hubby came, then si Zu my neighbor came. At about 6pm, I sendiri dah start to mengigil.. I rasa demam semacam. When Syed arrived with the boys, he took me to the emergency room and I WAS ALSO ADVISED TO BE ADMITTED!!! Adeh.. how la.. I am suppose to be the misi@ nurse but now I am also the patient..but I just obeyed to the instruction and advised.

8th August till 14th August 2009.. nothing much.. eat ubat, eat all kinds of hospital good food and what I and Aja knows is that we will wait eargerly for Syed and the 2 boys to come and visit us in the evening..

14th August 2009.. HAniff stayed with me and Aja.. Aja is very attached to Haniff as Haniff suka sakat dia. Haniff's presence was a good thing to Aja.

15th August 2009 (Saturday) - Aja and myself got better tapi still tak leh balik...

16th Sugust 2009 ( Sunday) - Dr Lim came to check Aja at about 9am and he said that Aja's condition has improved very much.. lega and he said that Aja can go HOME!!! yea yea..I called Syed and he came to pick us up at 12.30pm right after his class..

Habis satu minggu..hope next week would be a better one..Salam

Saturday, August 8, 2009

What I did today?

Well.. the day started with a big mug of coffee to wake me up and then I was in the kitchen whipping up 3 varieties of cakes as requested by my kiddos.. It was also for food tasting session by friends meant for Hari Raya orders.

During mid morning, Mummy called just to say hello. baru teringat that the last 2 days kalau call parents asyik dok sembang with dad je, Mum was never wonder she was worried as lama tak sembang dengan I.

I am now trying to visualize what I need to do tomorrow morning.. I still have a chapter to read and some slides to complete..Insya ALLAH things would fall accordingly..

Salam and Hi All...

Why I start to blog?
Well.. I've got a fotopage and a facebook. Fotopage is great but at times, when you do not have enough photos, you do not have the mood to publish and update ur page, therefore I've decided to have a blog which will make things easier and motivate me to update of what I am doing.

What I want to write would depends on what's happening in my daily life as a mom, wife and lecturer. I'm a mom to three energetic kids and a happy wife to Syed Alhady. I share my industrial knowledge with my fello future corporate leaders in one of the uni here up north.

Another reason for this blog is that at times, I find it difficult to post a reply to friends blog should you have none yourself..