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Sunday, January 16, 2011

December 2010 - Part trip to Negeri Sembilan..

Finally, den balik Pilah!!

Lama benar tak balik ke Negeri Sembilan. Negeri Sembilan is kampung my dad. I still remember masa kecik2 dulu, waktu balik raya.. my grandad, Haji Yahya Kansa would take us from one house to the other to visit his relatives. My dad's kampung is Kuala Pilah...
However, last Dec I had a chance to visit my uncles, cousins, nephews and nieces in Kolo Pilah..lepas gak rindu cakap nogori sembilan ngan sepupu den!!

This is my mum with one of my nieces..nama apa si kecik ni, jangan di tanya..den tak sompat nak interview mak eh..
This is anak Ipah..belakang is Ipah's husband..

This is anak Angah Zadina..bujang lopaih sunat..

This is Ayan..wife si Bob..tapi Bob tak ada masa kenduri as he is working..

This is Ipah and cousins yg dah bosar and tuo godang..den pun dah godang yo

Bujang handosome ni is anak Kak Ida..Form 5..

My two aunties..Auntie emon and Mak Lang..

This is Kak Ida, she is the eldest granddaughter of Haji Yahya Khansa..sobolah tu is Pak Long Gunung Pasir

On the left is my hubby with my cousin..Cousin den ni bujang and very very available and kayo..Open for tender..anyone??

This is me, my mum and my cousin..Eddie..

Ontah bilo la boleh jumpo laie..Hope to meet up with the others soon gak..

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Busy exciting Dec 2010 - Part 1

Yes, it was busy and a very exciting December 2010!!
 Let's start with the 1st one k..Syed as usual ada meeting in Shah Alam tapi yg pack barang awal was me n kids..we were in Shah Alam fom 30th November till 3rd Dec, then angkut luggage n khazanah-khazanah ke rumah Mum in while we wre up and down between Shah Alam n Gombak..these are the places yg we hop for fun..enjoysss..

We went to I-CITY in Shah Alam..cantik sangat.. the whole town was full with lights and the entrance fee was only RM10.00 per car..


                                        Morning activities kami semasa hubby attend meeting..

Checking my mails..normal la kan..