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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Waiting Game is on again - Update news 2

Ha ha..syukran syukran.. yes, I basically have got the answer. It made me feel very very good..extremely good about myslelf cuma the rewards je yg tak berapa menarik..ha ha

Tak pa, at least I know where I stand..The news is basically the motivational factor for me to work now..

Ok Azfa - tutup buku itu dan just march forward!! love u ..muah muah

Marketable still yea..

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Waiting Game is on again - Update news 1

Ok ok..I can't wait no more. I was so not sabar and just grab the phone and ask. ( Ask what cannot tell la..ish)

The lady on the other side gave me an answer yg ok tapi not to what I expected. I know she have tried very hard to assist tapi the higher authority was a bit defensive. Tak pa..rezeki TUHAN yg bagi. I am very bersyukur tapi they way things beiing handled is so not transparent...

Enough said- I'll take it and at least news number 1 is waiting game number 2! haiya
My strength, my love..

Update : 20 July 2011...received the formal letter on the issue.. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Waiting Game is on again..ish

At times when u want something so much tapi tak dapat, memang frust and get pretty annoyed. I am currently in the waiting game for 2 yang leceh sikit..

The phone has not ring with an answer and the waiting game is still on. ish..

Monday, June 13, 2011

What to do in next 4 months..

Well..I'm  not teaching the diploma students this time around ( hmmm...gonna miss these young kids)..I'll be lecturing the degree students je nanti, so my classes starts only in September.
Hmmm...what should I do?? wei, jangan tanya la, berlambak writing activities to complete and ground work for IID Kedah 2011 to looked into.
And hajat di hati tu memang la tinggi, nak buat tu and nak buat ni tapi kalau time management out, satu hampeh pun tak leh buat. So folks, no matter how free u are but you are not good at managing ur time, u will definitely not able to achieved even one single thing...However, I took about 2 weeks rest from doing some office work..The kids and I followed Syed to Shah Alam for his usual meeting (happy gila bila dia ada meeting) and then balik Gombak jap..met Mum n Dad..miss them so much. Met up with Ateh n clan as well. The twins dah besar and so bubbly.

That came to an end this week and now I am in the office identifying and listing down a list of things to do.
Things to do :
1. Do some writing work ( tak yah tanya la apa I nak tulih)
2. Spend more time with kids in the evening without thinking about work so much
3. Rohsia tahap dewa ( hanya me n Cik Hubby je yg tau! best) settled as of end of June 2011

Nanti I update lagi k..

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Darling Princess!!

Me and hubby waited for her almost 5 years..we already have 2 boys and we like any other parents mesti la nak anak perempuan sorang. That was 9 years time flies.
I still remember when the Dr kind of confirmed that the baby I was carrying is gonna be a girl, Syed was smiling all the way..beli baju semua pink and with flowers.
Sharifah Az Zahra Alhady is now 9 years old, smart, healthy, energetic and lovable to all. To my darling princess, no matter how old you are, you are gonna be my little princess and always remember Walit, Umi, Abang Uddin and Abang Haniff loves you so much.

Her birthday wish yg baru ni was to have water gun and nak mandi sungai..I was hoping she would ask for barbie doll as always tapi this time around it was not...So that was what we did. enjoy the pics yea!

Mandi sungai early as best

 The kids main askar2 dalam air..

 Birthday cake for princess

Big bro @ bodyguards and Babah