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Friday, May 28, 2010

My 1st International Conference..ICORPS 2010

Just a short one today.
I am considered lucky when I started my career in the academic line.. ramai yang kata gitu as my hubby is also there in campus..
He guided me through the days when I was a bit donw here n there due to work and he also encouraged me to write as he knows my interest well.
Then I had the oppurtunity to work with Dr Maznah, a petite Associate Prof who is well known for her writing interest and she encourage me to go forward..I also tagged along to attends some conferences..yang national level dulu..

Yesterday was my 1st time present in ICORPS..Congratulations to me..and now I am dead ready for the next one..Insya ALLAH!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Me and some writing activities..

Dulu masa di corporate sector, mana ada kisah nak menulis ni semua..baca pun setakat buku-buku yang I suka especially pasal self motivation and other books..Menulis jauh sekali la...

So when I decided to join the academic line, things were very much different. Ramai yang anggap, kalau mengajar 16 hours per week, you only pick the book and 16 hours you talk..they forgot about the study which the lecturer need to do @ preparation for class, the marking and research needed. The balance of the 16 hours is spent doing nothing..helo.. please! Banyak kerja k tapi I love what I am doing, I'm able to do some serious reading on areas which I like most..

Writing is now something very much needed and dah macam wajib..hmmm, so I started with small conceptual papers dulu..Certain things you just need to do in small steps before you gain the confidence and before you start to run!

Pray for my success k..

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My baking activities..

What make me start to bake?
well, it was by coincidence actually..One of the ladies here in my area do bake cakes..she is also kind of close to me, so since I ni jenis suka bake for anak2, I minta dia ajar I buat cake..she was reluctant.

 I said, tak pa la, I bayar for the ilmu pun tak pa..
 She said, " The amount you pay would not compensate the amount of knowledge yg I ada" 
I was terkedu badak k..he he

Secara kebetulan, a friend of mine introduce fotopage to me. Back then fotopage was the best way of getting photos and recipes la..from there, I met friends and got many FREE recipes yang menjadi..ha ha

Mind you, I know nothing is free in the world.
 I did say, I am willing to pay tapi cara jawab tu, 
kind of wow!! 
That makes me more determine and cari recipes..and TUHAN maha kaya, I now got the recipes thru friends who are on internet..

I've met many lady bakers, some yg pernah jumpa but most yg jumpa thru FB and Fotopage..

Kak Yani, Batriesya, Zana Penang, Anis Adlina of Kulim, Kak Rinn, Mamazieza to name a few..

Lucky me! Syukur Alhamdulillah...

So feast your eyes ya..Tak ada la canggih mana, tapi I'm dead proud of what I do.
Below are some of my baking outputs for the tummy's ..

Carrot Walnut cake with cheese topping

Devils Chocolate Cake
Cheese cakes
Moist Chocolate Cake
Just some muffins
Fruit tarts
Chocolate chip cookies
Rich Fruit Cake

Me and maid issue..never ending story..haisay...

Ever since Nita left us two years ago, we have never got a pengganti..we have paid for a new one tapi the agent lak buat hal..tapi mungkin bukan rezeki kami to have as I always believe mesti ada hikmahnya..

So eversince that I have been getting part time maids just to lipat the kain yang bergunung ganang..These part time maids are charging me like RM7.00 per hour and just menggosok late ni the charges is RM15 for 2 hours..meaning to say you kena ambik gak mereka for 2 hours and an hour now is RM7.50..adeh..buat duit tul minah2 ni..tetapi hairan kan kenapa anak Melayu tak nak buat?? tak glamor kot.. And I have been in that kind of situation for almost 2 years..

My girl loves her company..tapi tak ada rezeki kot.

So in Feb 2010, our misery was almost over..this girl came ..She was good, very humble, hardworking and baik la to my eyes. But her medical check up lak tak lepas. Ish, hairan kan? Macam mana di Indonesia boleh lepas, di Malaysia tak lepas?? We had to let her go and now the waiting game is back into picture..penat seh..

But I always believe, whatever happens, happens for a reason!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Darling hubby's birthday

1st May 2010...

He turns 45 this year..hey, still young k..yang penting, he is sihat and always tak yah g outstation..ha ha..that is good enough for me.

To Syed Mohammed Alhady, Walit to my kids ( walit tu is father k)...I love you so much..

Our angels with the birthday boy

Darling n me..sorry dear..I tau I dah berat..
Si Manja Princess with Walit

The gentlemen of the house..Haniff memang suka buat mata juling..ish 

As for the celebration, 1st time ever, I bake the birthday cake myself..Bangga gila siut, walaupun the deco is sememeh tapi dead proud that I bake it myself.

I baked Devils Chocolate cake which was promoted heavenly by Kak Yani thru her blog..thanks kak, yes, I will definitely rebake and retry the deco again..I think the mistake lies upon my impatience to pour the ganache before it was ready.

The cake was sedap tapi the deco was something which I need to work on..ha ha..give me time k

My apologies...

Ish..dah bersawang dah blog ni..I love to write but time is very limited..hmmm..
I promise I will do it daily, insya ALLAH...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

What I dislike most..

People in power, misused their power..

Hairan kan, orang di beri kuasa dan kepercayaan untuk membantu menjaga keamanan dan memastikan rules di tak, dia pulak yg take things in their own hands and then misused the powers..kecik-kecik lagi dah dilatih begitu..sayang sungguh anak-anak muda ni.

Well..what goes around, comes wait and see..I do hope justice will come and knock on the door..


What I do on weekends..

Weekend is the time for me to do what I want..laundry, trying out new recipes, blog hopping,  chit chatting sambil minum coffee kat wakaf with family and window shopping..

Tapi for the last 2 weeks, our weekend have been filled with travelling down to Penang to visit Syed's aunt and Syed Izzuddin's friend in hospital..

Hope both of them akan sembuh cepat and you people are always in our prayers..

Congrats Ami Mat - Prof Emiretus

This was something which I should have update last month kot..well, just another lame excuse..busy busy busy..tu je la excuse yg boleh diguna pakai...he he

Just to share some of Syed's uncle, Prof Syed Ahmad Fahmi, got his recognition and awrd from UTM..he was awarded Prof Emirretus..tinggi tu babe!!

Well for us, he is our mentor as he is in the same field as what we both are..
To Ami Mat, Congrats from all of us in Sungai Petani..he he..( macam jauh benar bunyi nya..)