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Thursday, December 2, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYED HANIFF - In the snow, 13 years ago

This was 13 years ago while I was doing my degree (I kahwin in 1993 and did my degree in 1996..masa tu dah ada anak sorang)...
It was snowing heavily that Nov and I can still remember the scenery from the room. I rasa dalam 3 kali snow while I was there, that year la yg snow paling lebat..he he..melepas main slide..
When I got to know that I was pregnant, Syed was very thrill and so am I tapi suspense la jugak as nak bersalin kat negeri orang ni..macam-macam fikir tapi I was lucky, myt pregnancy was ok je..tak ada la muntah2 or morning sickness yg teruk. It was just a mild one and I enjoyed the 9 months 10 days punya pregnancy period. and I rasa masa ngandung si Haniff la yg I lagi active as we went travelling up to Canada and also flew south to Florida..fikir2 kalau tidak, bila lagi as that was already our final year..
Lepas dapat tahu yg I was pregnant, I had to register myself with Women Infant Care(WIC) unit. Di US, semua org yg income below US1800 sebulan dikira orang yang under previlege walaupun org tu warganegara asing. With that I am entitled to get coupons to be redeemed at the store. Ok la gak, dapat la redeem milk, cereal and other stuff. Kat sana ada gak nurse yg datang rumah to check on u and ur health. They provide both financila and moral support. datang bagi bassinet, katil, car seat and many more..Seronok..rezeki anak.
I stll remember on the nite of 29th November 1993, I was doing my normal house chores and Syed was doing his assignment. We slept kind of late and it was about 2am kot. And about 4am I fell this uneasy pain and I couldn't sleep. I gerak my hubby tapi Cik Abg kan baru tidur, so lama la jugak nak mengejutkan beliau dari mimpi lenanya.
My MIL, ( yes, MIL flew in from Malaysia to teman kan I dalam pantang. She came with half luggage bag full of ubat2...he he) siapkan breakfast and force me to eat. I called the hospital and they told me to come in. Syed then drove me to downtown Ypsilanti to the Oakwood Hospital.
Oakwood Hospital ni dulu was a big huge hospital tapi semenjak dah ada another canggih hospital in Ann Arbor which is about 30 minutes drive from Oakwood Hospital, the OA Hospital sunyi gila, I was the only patient in that ward k..I had VIP treatment pasal I was the only patient there..he he..bilik besar ya amat..gerun gilos
The doctor who attended to me was a Pakistani, Dr Azeemi..cute rendah je orang nye.
I was in labor pain from 7am till 2pm and still nothing happen,.That was the 1st time I rasa sakit beranak as Izzuddin dulu Dr Samy suruh C section terus pasal mamat handosme sulung tu was head up position (songsang). Masa labor pain tu TUHAN aje yg tahu sakitnya..Syed was with me throughout the pain, holding my hand and suruh baca ayat-ayat Quran..Masa tak berapa skit tu ok la tapi masa sakit tu..uish..I kept telling ny hubby how painful it was in Melayu..the nurses tu siap suruh hubby translate to them waht i was saying..adeh..ot times like this!
As it was lama in pain, the doctor advise me on the next option which was caesarian section. I was in pain dan dah tak larat dah ( bear with me ye, my 1st delivery pun was thru caesarian section, so I memang ok gila bila doctor bagi option he he)
The team came in at 2.30 and they prepared me for the procedure, Syed was with me througout the procedure and the operation theatre was so santai! There was about 5 of them around me and another 5 popping their head peeping on the procedure from the door! Yang dok kat pintu tu yang riuh rendah, bersembang sakan sambil tengok perut I.. haiya..
Haniff was born at about 3pm kot. He was huge..he weighs almost 4 wonder la perut I besar sangat. bila pakai jaket lagi la besar..His fingers was long and lean..penuh la bassinet tu..dah macam budak sebulan punya besar..his eyes was so bulat bila dia buka and his smile just melt my heart..I still remember the smell of him as a baby.
I stayed at the hospital for 3 days and had friends streaming in and out visiting me and the baby. Umi masak and bawa food to the hospital day. Thanks Umi! The doctor kat sana advised us to circumsized my son on the 3rd day.. I felt pity for the baby but Syed kata ok, let's do it. The doc and the nurse bawa the baby to the next room for the procedure..
After me and the baby was ok, we left for home in the snow. Kesian kat Haniff, jenuh berbungkus..but I have to admit, kat sana the safety aspect is very strict. The nurse sent us off to the car and then she tunggu to make sure that we strap the baby in the basinet properly, blanket semua pakait and then baru boleh balik. I rest at home for about a week..I was very happy to be home pasal rindu kan si Abg Izzuddin..
At that point of time classes was already towards the finals and  I was away for two weeks. After two weeks I attended class as usual and then it was graduation day!! Kalau kat Malaysia, pantang memang ikut peraturan la kan, kalau tak 40 hari, memang tak keluar rumah tapi kat sana I had no choice.
On 30th Dec, all 5 of us boarded the flight back to Malaysia for good. Both Haniffa dn Izzuddin really behave themselves during the more than 24 hour flight home. Sampai Malaysia, Mum and Dad with the rest of the clan dah tunggu anciously to meet us up, especially the 4kg baby.! Haniff is cucu kedua Mum dan Dad.
Now he is 13 yeasrs old. He has grown up into a handosme young man. He has done well in both acadmic and his extra curriculum activities. He holds an pom belt in taekwondo. I as a mother pray from ALLAH supaya jadikan Haniff anak yg soleh, sihat tubuh badan dan jauhkan la dirinya dari benda-benda yg tidak diingini,,AMIN

To my darling Haniff, Umi, Lid, Abg Uddin dan Aja will always be with you no matter in whatever situation, as we love u so much!!