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Monday, November 29, 2010

Marketing Strategies have to varies based on ur target market - bukan pakai taruh semua sama!!

Should u need to market a product to a person, one need to know the benefits of the products, the advantages of having it and bla bla bla..itu normal la..The seller pun kena la tahu serba sikit pasal the target market @ the person yg you nak suruh beli tu..tapi to some people the approach is the same tak kira the knowledge which the target market have on the product. This means you underestimate the knowledge which the person has.
I paling pantang kalau orang yg meniaga tu kata, "alaa..kalau kami yg bekerja pun boleh buat, tak kan u tak leh buat. I lagi la, kerja sampai malam, you kerja gomen je..kerja senang..tak kan la tak leh???" Apa kes???
"Kalau kami boleh invest banyak RM, tak kan you tak leh invest banyak tu??" Apa kes??
My advise is please respect ur customer, target market and whatever you call it. And I rasa I as a person yang di suruh invest should be allowed to ask as many questions as I want. I paling hangat bila dikatakan 'gelojoh'. U want me to invest, and u say I gelojoh!!! Soooooooo not smart of u..
Me n Cik Abg mungkin akan invest as the plan is good tapi it will definitely not under you!!
And one more thing, please don't make fun of ur potential customer plzzzz.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Do u go to the library?

Well..I masa diploma days dulu ada gak la lepak kat library...masa tu ITM Arau..orang lain buat accounts ( I budak DIA ye), I will go an cari magazine..during my degree days, langsung tak pernah pergi library as my hubby will assist me with the info searching..he he..itula untungnya bila husband has a degree in library science..sekejap je dia cari info..kalau kita ni kang, terkebil-kebil and terkial-kial cari why waste time? lebih baik duk rumah and jaga anak..kwang kwang kwang ( masa ni I was already married with one kid and expecting the 2nd one.. I buat degree lepas kahwin )

Masa buat Masters lagi la kan.. Masters lak buat part time, so memang no time to go library. However, now I find some time at least once in every 2 months to bawa kids to the public library ( jangan la gelak..I tau la it should be more often, tapi slowly la k).

Orang dulu kalau g library is more to study, but now I think it should be cultivated and make it a culture or turn it as a hobby to visit the library. However many says that the library is tak menyeronokkan. Is it the prasarana or the reading materials?

Tapi does ilmu  be obtained thru reading books only? now dah banyak source of info and there are also books online. So parents, besides taking the kids to the library, I think we also need to invest in internet access n computers for kids at home..kita yang mampu, syukur alhamdulillah tapi pada yg tidak, is that the end of the world? Think it over yea

Note :
This is just some rambling orang yg stress at work...pardon me ye

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dinner with Dr Maznah and my future corporate leaders!!

It was indeed a great dinner!!
Syed, AzZahra and myself attended the dinner organized by BIM5A, group budak degree UiTM Kedah. This group is one of the best group yang I have shared my industrial experience with. These energetic future corporate leaders will definitely do well in the ir future.

They were very optimistic and have always worked hard. They were indeed very lucky as they were the 1st group yang Dr Maznah exposed kan ke events such IIDSE and BIID. They also did organized the conference which attarcted more than 30 papers.
Congrats to all..

To Dr Maznah, they are lucky to have u as their mentor and so do I...

( photos will be uploaded handy man is still in Zzzz land)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home..Rest with kids...

Looking forward to the weekend..just need to spend time with my angels at home..
Things to do :
1. Bake
2. Read & write
3. Catch up on movies


Caring neighbors..caring terlebih la pulak..

I am very lucky as hubby bought this house in so called elite housing area in Sungai Petani..kalau org sebut tu, kira ternganga la jugak mulut org..tapi pada I biase je..tak ada apa pun..
Kita bila membeli rumah definitely la beli rumah yg selesa and the environmentnya ok..harmonious neighborhood and bla bla bla..
Tapi yg tak tahan nya ada some neighbors ni terlebih caring la pulak, habis semua kisah kita nak di jaja..well, mungkin they want to be the most updated person in the neighborhood la these group of people, my advise is please jangan terover caring as at times u are just menyusahkan kan orang lain..
Tapi pada orang yang dia care tu kira famous la kan..kalau tak famous, tobat dia tak angkat pot pasal kita..he he
I always take things positively @ which means, aku ni famous la..ha ha..
thanks you all!
muah muah....kissy kissy