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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Azfa's and my lutut

Remember I said something on my happenings??

I had a small operation at my knee..what actually happen was I felt at the airport somewhere in April this year, tp tak ada la yg serious injury. Cuma lebam aje, tp after a while (last June to be exact), I notice ada lump on my right knee. The lump moves around and kalau tekan memang sakit tp does not hinders me from doing my job. So, I just ignored and just got advise from the clinic. Dr kat clinic kata better get it removes..Hmmm..She gave me a referral letter and I kept it with me quite a while ( busy gila siut..sampai nak ke spital pun tak sempat)

Tapi since Syed Izzuddin dah masuk hospital dan I dah dok melenggok kat sana for a few days, I pun just lenggang lenggang kangkung p jumpa Dr yg memang opis dia is on the same floor tp different wing. Convenience kan? bila pergi jumpa Dr Kamarulzaman kata, "jom la kita buat now"..gulp gulp..panik plus takut gila..biar betui..but when I told him that I am now accompanying my son who is hospitalized, dia kata .."tak pa la, u settlekan anak u dulu, then I do the surgery for u"..lega!

So I walk back to Izzuddin's ward with a big on the next Monday (4th) after sending Haniff and Azzahra to school, Syed drove me to the hospital.This time aroudn Izuddin lak yg teman kan I as he is still on MC.
Sampai terus admitted and then 10.30 they pushed me in to the OT. I think I cried kot as I dengar the doctor tanya kenapa nangis..boleh??? dia kata it's just a minor surgery and further more this is not my 1st time. ( I kira-kira balik, that was basically my 6th time in OT room) tp well... tp since I ni penakut every entry to the OT is very scary..lepas tu tak ingat la apa depa buat..sedar-sedar they were pushing me out from the bay and I saw Syed's worried face. Lega..

That was 11.30am Lepas tu I slept till later I heard my kids voice and kisses pecked on my cheeks. ( best!)
I was still a bit drowsy but by 3pm I dah boleh duduk n malam dah makan bubur. Stayed alone in the hospital that nite as tak kan nak tingalkan th kids at home kan? Furthermore I dah ok dah..Cuma nak ke toilet je kena panggil nurse. I dare not walk on my own as I was afraid that I might fall.
The next morning at about 10am during the doctor's round, I requested to balik..tak sanggup nak duduk lama-lama lagi. He said yes, and upon hearing that, I terus serelum jubah n pakai tudung terus balik.

By 12pm I was already home melipat kain..was on MC for about a week..but then now, dah back to normal routine..

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Syed Izzuddin happenings!

Life was pretty normal and quiet at home for the month of June as early June, we tag along with Syed as he ahd meeting in Shah Alam. Best best. He had meetings and we did our shopping..

Middle of June, he was up and down in Shah Alam n Putrajaya as weell..meeting plus bengkel. Kami tak ikut this time around as kids ada sekolah.

However everything changed....

21st June 2011 ( Tue) - Izzuddin balik tuition as usual at 10.15pm. He did not take supper but went straight to bed..tapi late at nite dengar dia dok ulang p loo (nama manis untuk tandas @ toilet)..

22nd June 2011 ( Wed) - Izzuddin did not go to school. He said he did not slept much, so he stayed at home and ptg  I took him to the klinik. The Dr gave ubat plus antibiotic..tapi malam still go to the loo and (frankly) banyak kali..ish..and fever was damn high..tapi malam lepas makan the ubat, he was slighly better..lega k

23rd June 2011 ( Thu) - I and Syed had to attend ACSSSR in Penang. It is a conference in social science...We left Penang at about 1.30 and by 3pm when we reach home, he was still terkelepek. Pity him... we send him off to Metro Specialist Hospital. Met Dr Olliver and Izzuddin was advised to be admitted due to dehydration...

 Izzuddin masa p scan..
Muka orang tak sakit menunggu patient yg keletihan..

24th June 2011 ( Fri) - still no change..he marched up and down to the loo..tolak besi yg sangkut air tu. He did not eat anything the whole day. However petang he was very happy pasal ada kawan sekolah dia datang to visit him....ptg pun ada sorang mai visit..thanks ye, you make him happy..(I really appreciate it.)

25th June 2011 ( Sat) - Doctor decided to change the medication n antibiotics. Apa pun the loo visits are still on..kesian anak I. I also requested to change room on that day. I tak leh tahan la staying with people yg tak berapa sakit ni. (not so nice n pleasant neighbor..boleh dia pasang TV sekuat-kuat alam n then waktu dia keluar pun, the TV dia on kan jugak! ceh..tak ada civic minded nya manusia..sabag sabag)

26th June 2011 ( Sunday ) - Dr Olliver suspected something else and got Dr Cheam to check on Izzuddin. Dr Cheam came, dia pegang-pegang perut kanan and then terusconfirmed that it is appendic...terkedu jap..

He suggested to remove the appendic immediately. Syed was not around tapi I am sure he wanted the best for Izzuddin, so I just said, "yes, pls get it done".

Called Syed and he rushed over after his class. (sila baca dengan nada sebak n sayu) At 1.45, Izzuddin was wheeled into the operation room. Masa ni Syed dah pergi pick up Az Zahra from I was alone. Masa Dr Roshi explained the procedure, air mata I turun macam ayag terjun......malu what to do..mother's worry cannot sorok2..(cuba you bayangkan betapa sebek nya I waktu tu..jangan gelak wei)
At 3pm, Izzuddin was wheeld out and once again, the air mata dah macam filem star Neng Yatimah..mencurai-curai turun..he was still drowsy but he managed to give me one crocked smile and that smile melted my heart... hati lega gila..cuma masa tu I said to myself, "laa..panjang nya anak aku, kaki dia sampai touch hujung katil!"

he he..mood dah ok dah..stayed with him in the hospital and tak mo balik rumah so Syed had to go and fetch the little ones plus the grandma..when the grandma datang, another drama broke off tapi ok la..Izzuddin dah selamt operate dah..Syed and myself took turns to accompany him in the well of taking care the other 2 Alhadys at home..
The siblings during their afternoon visits..

After the operation we stayed there for another 3 additional nites n that completes the week!! Amin...

psst psst : nanti I update what happen to me lak ye..