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Friday, July 27, 2012

Raya Promotion to share!


Assalamualaikum friends!!

Sedar tak sedar today is the 7th day of Ramadhan. What's ur progress in life? Health and your baju raya?
Yesterday I went shopping with the kids plus cik hubby in Penang. well, it's basically 40 minutes drive from Sungai Petani. so not a problem..

Have u done yours? I read in one of the blogs that Mr Rizalman Ibrahim, the top designer in Malaysia is now available in Tesco nationwide. Check it out! ( visualize urself in one of these..ahaks)

You will definitely look good in it should you have a corset underneath.
Woot woot. Jangan rosakkan your appearance with all the bulging extra's as it would affect the beauty of the baju which gonna lead to low self confidence.

You will have immediate effect when u out the corset on.

So let's get a set of the corset below:

Call me for details pls..


Monday, July 16, 2012

Sihat ke u alls??

Weeehoooooo people!!!!
How's life??
Mine was like a roller coaster this fewweeks back...

So many things happen and all are GOOD ones!!

1. My son registered for his Asasi in Engineering in UPNM..
 I was dead nervous but I know he is in good hands..(so sob sob) no more geng nak p gaduh gaduh and no more tukang angkat kain for me. Dah tak ada orang nak tolong pergi hantar adik tuition and what I miss most is dah tak ada orang nak teman kat dapur masa basuh pinggan waktu malam..oh well..I believe all moms will experience the same..

Handsome helper son is not around..

2. Busy busy with classes - degree and diploma ada over lapping, but what the heck..JUST DO IT!!!

3. Business is now on TURBO mode!!

My note to lady friends:- Siapa wish to maintain good health as well as look good, I would recommend that you guys start to invest in this health corset!!..leave me a message pls..

Love u all..nanti I update lagi..