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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just Food at home

It have been quite a while since I last update my blog..sorry peeps..Have been extremely busy..nanti la..I will share the lisy later.

As for now, just wanna share what I have baked over the weekend.

1. Cheese tarts - after almost 3 months did not bake these..( Thursday nite)
2. Bread pudding for MIL in Alor Setar..(quick and this!)
3. Baked macaroni...Just love that!

But now, mulut dok terasa nak makan Carrot Walnut Cheese cake pulak..hmmm..maybe malam esok la..but now, jom visualize the pics..

Carrat Walnut Cheese cake..

Peach fruit tarts..

Ola la..muahs to all,