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Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Angels - February 2010

Princess is getting better..syukur. What more do I want. What is important is that I can now see her smile and hear her giggle whenever the brother teases her.

My kids are very close to each other eversince we do not have a maid. Dah nak masuk 2 tahun tak ada full time maid. Memang penat, I have to admit tapi moments spend time with the kids alone in the kitchen, in front of the TV is what I adore most. The time spent masa sidai kain with the boys is some moments where they will tell me their school activities and jokes..

Izzuddin is a very protective big bro. I'm proud of him. Dia bukan yg jenis hipokrit. A sensible young man, a person yg tak takut kena marah and a young boy who would not take things for granted.

Haniff is a playful young man. But at times he keep things to himself...hmmmm. Always have thoughts on how to make profits and have a business mind head.

My prayers to ALLAH supaya permudahkan urusan untuk anak-anak ku ini..AMIN.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What's in line for me..

Work have been taking much of my time n mind lately... banyak seh..tapi insya ALLAH things would be ok kot..

Among the many thinngs in my head right now:
1. Community Work - Pak Su
2. IID Kedah
3. EXPOSIS Kedah
4. Book
5. Community work with WCC..

But above all, time with the Alhady's always stays on the top of my list..lipat kain is always the most bottom part of the list too..ahaks 

Princess is down with fever..

For the last 2 days, princess was down with fever. Mula-mula was just a mild fever tapi yesteday evening, the fever was kind of high..dah bawa g klinik tapi still tak nak kebah. So tadi brought her to the specialist @ Dr Elangkovan. Princess siap kena nabuliser lagi..and now she is much better and she is already in bed taking her Zzzzz..

However esok she would not be going to school yet. She wil spend her time with me in the office.
To all my friends, thanks for your prayers and doa..She is much better now, syukur.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

We need the break!

After what happen the week before CNY, the whole family need a break. I just want the boys to focus on what's in the future and choose their friends wisely.

The Saturday @ 13th Feb, we went off to KL to visit my parents yg baru balik umrah. Both Mum and Dad are down with fever and cough still which is kind of normal la kot. Spend some time with them both and it sure make both parties happy.

The long break was indeed good and we are now geared up for the new week..Salam

Friday, February 12, 2010

As a mother I once again failed...

As a mother, I once again failed to teach and train my boys to be liars, I also failed to teach and train my boys to be actors..I only taught them to be angels and an outspoken person as what my parents taught and remind me to be..
I have also failed to ensure that my boys are safe in their social environment..there are other external factors  which effects my boys safety however I will ensure that going forward things would be ok and safe for them...My prayers and doa's for their future and safety...AMIN

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boys - Life is never fair

In life nothing is fair..I know how you boys feel. I feel the pain too..Things alwasy happen for a reason. Kita memgambil tindakan at times because we have been provoked. What is in the past is past and now both of you would have to really take care of yourself. You boys buat apa pun, sebaik mana pun you buat dan you boys memang tak salah pun, you boys tetap akan dipandang serong oleh certain group of people.
Haniff and Izzuddin,
I want both of you to know that both me and your father would support and back you boys up all the way. We will always make sure that your path is clear and both of my 2 good boys would be able to go forward without any hiccup. That is our promise as parents. However should you boys have and do any wrong, you people would still a called for some pep talk.

I am so proud of my boys as both my boys have grown up to be gentlemen and you boys are very brave to speak up, but both of you have to be very careful as life is never fair..

Love you,

Monday, February 8, 2010

I'm proud of what he have done..

He he.. I am dead proud of my son. I rasa dia dah lama sangat pendam perasaan marah tu, well I'm dead proud of you and I will always support you all the way.

Good job Izzuddin!! However I always believe you should have done it so much earlier..

Well - he got 1st place dalam lompat kijang..

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My morning thoughts..6.30am

If you think you are good, then you are one!

I always affirm that to my little head and I always feel good about it.

I'm not perfect but hey, nobody is! Kalau orang tu perfect then there would not be any fun to life. We make mistakes here and there but we need to wake up and go forward. One must not be pull down just because of one small issue.

He he..the issue now is GO AND MARK THE OB papers!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Just a thought..

If you are doing your best, you would not have time to think about failure!
Robert Hillyer

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm now 41..

This is from Athirah Zaim

Gift from Faezah, Afiqa and Farza

Cards from my love ones ..

7th January falls on Thursday which is the 1st week of class..

Had lunch with darling hubby and dinner with kids. Best siut, di layan bagai permaisuri..takyah lipat kain, tak yah masak and tak yah nak berletiag!!

But above all, I was very touch when my students sang me a birthday song!! Malu pun ada tapi muka tetap cool je..he he..Thanks people..I will never forget the moment..DBS 5B Jan 2010!! ni kelas Dato Danial, Faiz, Datin, Sweet Nurlisa, Quiet Nabila, Pak Tuan and many more future corporate leader (sorry, can't remember all the names..really sorry)..kelas ni ramai @ at that particular day ada 28 orang tapi today dah 35..syukur
(Had class with them at 10 to 12pm @ P5 ...and all the way back to bilik rasa walking on air!)

Masa dalam kelas, I received an sms ada student nak jumpa, Faazah, Afiqa and Farza..hmmm..kononnya ada problem. No hal. - tunngu saya depan bilik, I balas.
Fair enough, they were there when I've climbed up the 3 flight of stairs, nampak la muka sedih. Tapi from my blog hopping to their FB all three tak ada masalah.. The only masalah they had was they wanted to give me a gift! he he.. thanks ye
I was so touch..I almost cried ..tangkap sayu as I feel that they appreciate me..I tak nangis, pasal si Farza tu ada tapi kalau setakat Faezah and si Afiqa aje, rasa mau tangkap leleh gak..

The day before that, Athirah Zaim student from my previous sem, DBS 5B ( kelas paling creative and active) came to give me a gift. Thanks dear..(Budak ni sweet and comel je..cakap lembut je)
I tak minta k..never did..
I only minta TUHAN berikan I kesihatan yang baik, anak and hubby I sihat, and keluarga kami bahagia..
As for my students, I hanya minta they focus on their studies and just g baca BUKU!!
For my friends out there, doakan I sihat and vogue selalu pls

Monday, February 1, 2010

What Year 2009 meant to me - Family Part 2

Despite all the good happenings and challenging which we faced, we lost 4 close family member in 2009. Their lost was a great shock to all of us as it was unexpected.

1. Sharifah Nabilah Alhady - she passed away due to road accident in Shah Alam. The incident happen on my husband's birthday @ 1st May 2009. I will always remember the date.

2. Pak Long Rashid - passed away in August 2009. I received the news while I was in class teaching OB to class DBS 5B yg buas..Pak Long is my father's brother in law. He stays in Malacca and we last met him in March 2009 when we visited him during CSSR in Ayer Keroh.

3. Abdul Razak @ Abang Jaq - He is my husband's cousin and he passed away in KL. Abg Jag left behind a wife and 4 growing up kids

4. Abdul Raof @ Ali - He is smy nephew. Meninggal due to lemas di lombong in Kajang. He passed away one day after Abg Jag. He was 12..

ALFATEHAH....May all of you rest in peace..