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Monday, November 26, 2012

Weeehoooo is Monday!!

Assalam peeps!!

It's Monday today..Monday blues??

I don't think so..It's all in the head. You need to control your mind and just execute your work. If you have too many things to do ( as what we all claim do), buat la To-Do-List. It helps..

And for my muslims friends, recite the below while doing work k..both akhirat and duniawi have to be seiring...

Ok peeps!! It's back to work.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Hectic Week..alhamdulillah...

Happenings of 17th till the 23rd November 2012

Saturday - Left KL..5 orang..kereta meriah gila. Kids, food, pillows, bags...

Sunday - After lunch, hantar big eldest boy to campus. As usual I cried..sedih as kemeriahan di rumh sure berkurangan as tukang sakat dah kurang sorang..

Monday - In Shah Alam for big handsome man's work..Then we left Haniff and Azzahra in Kota Damansara. This is basically the 1st time ever that the kids are away from us and it is not easy. Haniff was very cool but the little lady was not so good at it. After 1/2 an hour ride, she called and wailed. No no..we are not turning back as we are now on the highway...Reach home at about 8pm and the house was too quiet..

Tuesday - was at work and only came home late. Had dinner before we came home...Rumah sunyi as the kiddos are not at home...

Wednesday - went to class in the morning and in the afternoon left for Shah Alam again...smiling all the way..can't wait to hug the kids ( baru dua malam berjauhan..bukan 2 bulan..boleh?)

Thursday - THE DAY for me. I reserve my comments but it was quite an experience. Alhamdulillah..

Friday - Left KL at about 8.00am. It was indeed a slow drive for all of us. Enjoy the sound of wto bergaduh on choices of lagu, pillows and candies..We reach home at bout 2pm. Home sweeet Home by noon.. Pray for our safe journey pls..

That was last week...

Many was asking..tak penat ke up and down KL- SP - KL -SP? well..we did it with love..we support each other..I accompanied him and then he accompanied me..

Penat memang penat but I have to admit it was worth it..being with him all the way was indeed something which I would not wanna miss..

and thanks to PB as pasal pakai benda ni la, I tak sakit pinggang..

Ola la.....Azfa.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How do u start your day?

I am a morning person. I will be up as early as 5am, on the TV ( just to have the sound of someone awake) and would boil some water.
Next with a cup of nescafe, I would do my morning read till azan Suboh.
And I always have my socks on..

How do u start your day?