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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Haniff's taekwondo tournament. Many things to write..many things to share

Many things to share, but I have been very busy with family, work n life..Among the things yg I nak share is Syed Haniff's Taekwondo tournament.

Haniff is a pom belt holder. He got it when he was in Form 2. Kalau u tengok badan Haniff, he is kind of big and many thought that he is the eldest instead of Izzuddin.

During the tournament Haniff was to lawan this mamat yg juga of the same weight category but this mamat is in Form 6. ( I was dead takut k) memang la weight sama tp in terms of kederat and maturity, I rasa it should not be it..
Well, we  were there the whole time to give him the support. Biar kalah tp the experience yg penting!
Love you darling!!