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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hari jantung nak luruh - RESULT PMR!!

I couldn't sleep..makan pun tak lalu..2 hari had to face the same situation..pagi tadi just ahd coffee je.

The same situation faced by my son, Syed Izzuddin Alhady..hari ni result PMR keluar. Both of us are dead nervous, so is the father but as alwasy he is so calm and cool.

My son was pretty quiet at the dinner table last nite.

However I have to admit, masa otw to school tadi semua orang suspense, bila masuk dewan lagi la susah hati tapi when he got his result, ( I was jauh sikit from dia) I saw the smile and I know he has done very well in his exam.

Syukur, he got 8A's in his PMR!!!

All the hard work had paid off..

Enjoy the pics k..nanti I update lagi..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Too many things in my mind..Time management is the key word!!

What is time management?

It is actually how well you manage your time..everyone has 24 hours a day but many are not able to complete many task as much as other people did..

well ...let's try to manage things well yea..

Psst :-
Things to do:
1. Complete LR for PM MWO
2. Draft the book- what to write and how..when and what
3. LR for FRGS fund..
4. Book for work 1 @ group
5. Book with a friend..

At the same time - GREAT TIME WITH FAMILY!!!