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Friday, January 15, 2010

How we started 2010 - HAVOC!!

My little assistant..

1st day of school falls on the 3rd January 2010 which is the 1st day of class at UiTM. waaaaaaaa.....

Selalunya classes in UiTM starts slightly earlier and that give me time to prepare myslef ( I need time to wake my little head to adjust to classes la juga kan).

3rd January which falls on Sunday, all of us were excited to start the school year. Haniff is indeed very hapy plus nervous as he is now in Form 1. Start pakai seluar hijau tua dah. He is in Sek Men Ibrahim which is a well known school in our area. And he is in the same school as Izzuddin. Both boys pun dah start with extra classes..

As for princess, she is in Std 2 and her school schedule is pack too..dah besar anak Umi..

As for classes in campus, well I've got 3 codes and students this sem macam static je..hmmm..well we'll see how.

I still do not have a maid but I believe I will survive as banyak back up's..ha ha.

What Year 2009 meant to me - Family part 1

I have to admit that 2009 was indeed a very challenging year. I did mentioned to hubby that since both boys would be taking their major exams, so much concentration would have to be for them. Both of us seawal December 2008 lagi dah line up and register them for tuition classes and got them their revision books. We also have agreed to get a full time maid as to help around with the house work. However the agent failed to send the maid over (hampeh). To me all this are dugaan which all of us in the family have to face.

Aja pula entered Std one with a bit of hiccup and that too was a miserable 2 months which I believe both of us as parents went thru with great pain. Dia tak nak pergi sekolah even though dah sampai depan she ends up in my office with all her bags and tupperware.

As for the boys, they studied real hard eventhough they had to help out with some of the house work and all. I am greatful that they understand the situation and did not complaint oabout it. Without maid I rasa the relationship between the three lagi rapat. Izzuddin was very protective and always make sure that everything was in good conditions if both of us are not around.

Despite all that, both boys did extremely well in the major exams.. ALHAMDULIILAH..I am very greatful and yes, both me and Syed are both head over heals when both of them scored 5A's in UPSR and 8A's in PMR.

The boys results were indeed great present for both of us!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What is success?

Definition is :

Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom!

The problem is, at times, when we hit the bottom, we remain there forever. Ouch!

Saturday, January 9, 2010