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Friday, February 18, 2011

How I manage my days..

2011....Many things to accomplished, many challenges and I'm very focused on what I want. Support from love ones are always there and I'm glad that things have fall into place.
As for the kids, the boys are now busy with their rugby and taekwondo practises and I do hope they will balance that up with their studies as well.
As for princess, she is coping well in class and she is enjoying her after school hours with me and Syed.
Let's pray for each other's success and let's work together for the benefit of the ummah!

Salam and have a blast people!


My love ones
I just love this photo..this was taken about 2 years back during our trip to Kelantan

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dec 2010 - Part 3...Beautiful Sabah...

Unforgetable trip it was..Short and enjoyable..The photos tells it all..

At the airport..tunggu flight dengan muka ngantuk gila

Darling Haniff..

Masa sampai ke Tawau..

At the famous floating chalet in Tawau..
Ami Anuar and his boys..the host..
Me and my bodyguards..
Upon arrival at Mataking Island after 45 minutes speed boat ride.
The cafe.

The chalet where we stayed.

Very comfy.
Aja at the beach..cantik and very bersih..
The whole clan g snorkeling, no need pergi jauh-jauh as fishes banyak bawa jeti, so that was the place where we spent time snorkeling ..
The beautiful sunset..
My eldest expressing himself..
Ada banyak lagi photos..I will update later ye..nites