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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Darling December - Let see how it works on me

Lets see how December 2013 acts on me..

It was kind of a surprise as hub had some work in Langkawi. I was beaming with joy. Apa lagi, me and kids pack our things dulu from him. As for Langkawi happenings, I update later.

But just to share with you people, the followings are the happening which I have as stated in my calender:
1. Ongoing presentation by my students @ 150 individual presentation. This is an opportunity whereby I get new additional info from their article reading.
2.Tests for students - 152 smart energetic students for MGT538 and 80 smart students for pen session..
3. Proposal to start and complete ( gulp) - dok terbayang bayang muka supervisor..

But what the heck - I am gonna enjoy my December with my love ones during the school hols.

Have a pleasant day peeps!  

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