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Friday, December 13, 2013

My most productive hour - I love my mornings...

I am a morning person.

Dulu tak, but now I make it a point to bangun awal to do some reading. May it be a one page of the Quran or just  a few pages from my reading collections. At this hour, the mind is still fresh and tenang. 

Photo credit to Mr Google.

Besides that when I have the oppurtunity and waktu cuti, I love to watch and listen to Motivasi Pagi by TV3. It starts at 6.30 till 7am in the morning. Lagi best kalau the speaker is Datuk Dr Hj Fadzillah Kamsah. The way he send his messages and talk is very simple and santai.

Photo credit to Mr Google.

One need to know at which hour are you productive: You need to know yourself - then u work the best at that hour k.

Ok - Have to go, nanti chat lagi


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